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Matala Festival 2011

Παραλία Ματάλων










The event of “Matala Festival 2011 " is scheduled for Saturday the 11th  to Monday 13th of June 2011 in Matala, Festos Municipality.

A reunion Festival of the Ex-Hippies, who were staying in the caves in the sixties and seventies and not only!



"Matala Festival 2011" is an open air, 3 day music festival with live music, beach parties, right in front of the famous caves with music from sixties / seventies - the sound & music of the legendary woodstock festival ... an attractive program with lots of (live-) music and party feeling all kind of activities like Hippie bazar, and Hippie events accoustic live music, concerts, happenings, exhibitions, children fun park and so much more!

All friends of Matala are welcome!

The Festival has free entrance.

With a theme for the 2011 revival of the legendary Matala from 60s-70s, the festival has already gathered attention from the International Press.

The International Festival 2011 Matala is a real event for our municipality. And all of us, Mayor, City Council, departments of the municipality, the residents of Festos Municiaplity and of course ex-Hippies and not only we all have every right to feel proud.

The festival will be addressed with its own unique way to have the feeling of the old Matala and give world peace a chance! We invite you to a charming trip, young and old, share the magic of music, art and culture but also to highlight the ideals of youth.

The Festival highlights the possibilities and prospects of our municipality and is a pioneer event for Crete. It aspires to become a leading cultural institution for our Municipality.

The first year's event brings to our municipality artists from different countries, presenting a full schedule of events. The Open Air Festival program starts with the presentation of the book “Mythos Matala / The Myth of Matala” by the German journalist Mr. Arn Strohmeyer, art forms of the 60s and 70s and local events to unite the past with the present and bring messages of peace to the whole world.


The promotion of the region and enhance its unique value of Cretan products.
The economic empowerment of the Municipality and create more events like this.
Tourism-economic development of the area.

The emergence of culture and folklore of the Municipality, in an atmosphere of celebration, joy and fun.

Show the world that everyone is welcome at Matala.


Will soon be posting the detailed schedule of events.


Please check out the short program of events.


Daily Plan of the Matala Festival 2011 Hippies Reunion 

1. Saturday: Yesterday and Today - Official opening - Speakers - Presentations - Official call - locality (products, focus) - Tradition (dances, folk music concert) - Crete Festos - Reports - Evening Beach Party DJ 60’s- 70’s

2. Sunday: Youth Orientation - Events - Exhibitions - Competitions – Live Concerts - Party DJs
3. Monday: Family Orientation - Events (dances 60s-70s, children's theater) - Dance - Competitions - Sports - Gastronomy - Closing Beach Party

Three Days 1,2,3: Commercial Exhibitors, Hippies Bazaar - Continuous Presence


Live Bands and Music DJ continuous coverage (60s and 70s, hipster, funk, rock  music and so much more…)



Sponsors & Fair Trade


A. Matala Beach:
1. Facilities of the caves overlooking the village. Concert facilities. Lights in the caves. 2. Beach Bar right on the beach volley center. 3. Beach Volley - Beach Soccer

B. Camping:
1. A central venue with dance floor 2. Secondary venue 3. Tertiary venue 4. Main Building, for exhibitions species 5. Entrance Reception 6. Toilets 7. First aid

C. Municipal Parking:
1. Trade Fair 2. Mega Sponsors 3. Press 4. Main Entrance access to the venue, the beach bar and sports facilities.

D. City Road, Central
 1. Trade Fair 2. Sponsors 3.Press 4. Reception 5. Private entertainment venues

E. Main Road round before Matala
 1. Guest Parking



Παραλία Ματάλων



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