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Description municipality Phaistos



The Municipality of Festos is a consolidation of three former municipalities Zaros Timbaki and Mires, it has a rich cultural reserve, significant agricultural production, but also sites of high beauty. Its headquarters are located in the town Mires and historic capital is the town of Timbaki. Festos belongs to the Region of Crete.

Located in South Central Crete, at the South West Province of Heraklion. Focus on the palace at Festos, which dominates the area, the municipality extends to 412.74 sq km and has about 25,000 inhabitants.

The area of ​​the municipality Festos hosts, great value natural areas wildlife while showing great interest anthropogenic and cultural elements with timeless tracks covering installations from the Late Minoan period until today. The natural and cultural appropriateness are the basis for balanced and sustainable development of the site in conjunction with the use of traditional productive activities of the region.




Main occupation of the inhabitants of the municipality of Festos is agriculture and cattle-breeding. The products of the municipality exported to various countries around the world and many have received top international awards for quality and prestige.

Areas to the north and especially south of Festos are used by the livestock and olive in an extensive form, and occupy small areas of cereals and legume crops for animal use. The central part of the municipality consists of plains and hills, here the land is cultivated intensively with more ordinary cultivation of vine and olive outdoor and greenhouse vegetables. Intense here is the presence of sheep and goat herds to be kept in agricultural soil in cultivated fields or by-products of agricultural production.




In recent decades a strong residential development and installation of large or small industrial units in particular takes place. Alongside the gradual exploitation of opportunities for tourism development, especially in coastal and mountainous areas where it has maintained its traditional character, highlights new forms of economic activity which claimed part of rural land.



In terms of tourism, the municipality Festos is the "alternative gate" with beaches of rare beauty, as Matala, the Kommos, Kalamaki and Kokkinos Pyrgos. Guests may reach the municipality of Festos to discover most beautiful combining visits to cultural attractions, beaches, and knowing mountains and the lake of Zaros, surrounded by the mountain of Psiloritis.
The beaches have blue flags, Zaros takes part in the initiative "The most beautiful villages of Greece." The lake of Zaros also is under the program Natura.



Apart from the palace at Festos, the municipality includes the archaeological site of Agia Triada, the Kamares Cave of the Minoan Labyrinth. World famous is also a Roman cemetery in the area of ​​Matala, which has become widely known as "the caves".